Disrupting Recruitment and the Influencer Marketing solution

Does the following sound familiar in your large organisation? 77.3% of employees don’t feel encouraged to share company news on their personal social profiles and 15.6% are actually afraid to share fearing it could cost them their job. One way to step forward and solve this issue in the Enterprise-sized business might be through the disrrupted Recruitment sector. Recent needs to increase the Recruitment drive and the growing desire to recruit both diverse and digitally-skilled graduates in many sectors including Construction (where I work) in the UK definitely would IMHO, provide a good enough use-case for companies to be delivering more training,... _Read more

Supply and Demand

I’d seen Shepard Fairey’s work previously, unconsciously embedded into situational backgrounds and, put forward by other street artists as a source of ‘reason why I do this’. But it wasn’t until I looked a bit more deeply into Fairey’s work online that I could the political and moral codes implicit throughout everything he does. Icons, symbols and indexes of popular culture used to reference hegemony. Obey: Supply and Demand The Art of Shepard Fairey 1989-2009: Showcasing Fairey’s entire body of work, from his early OBEY Giant campaign to his prodigious print output, increasingly ambitious large scale street work and beyond,... _Read more

Sustainability as Marketing Opportunity

Just thinking about how a business can better promote their sustainability practice, and at the same time utilise the opportunity to gain further traction in its marketplace. I read a blog post about this subject a few days ago which listed the below [presupposed] market risks of using ’Sustainability’ as a purchase differentiator: Unknown consumer appeal; Lack of understanding from certain market groups; Concerns over differing views from consumers; Questions about how it affects buying behaviour. In my view, B2C companies such as Ford, Coca Cola, Levis, have shown that the above ‘risks’ are unfounded and have implemented sustainable values... _Read more

Old book smells

I was born in the 70's. My first memories were of events that took place with a backdrop of mechanical sounds spinning tape backwards and forwards, and acoustic needles measuring the amplification of the sound of vinyl as they spun. I remember it and I loved it and I still love it. _Read more

7 Years on Twitter

...back when the Twitterverse was filled with nothing but geeky dudes sharing their unique #LunchTweets - I joined in. _Read more

Social Media Trends 2014 Video

Key Takeaways: Vine: owned by Twitter and launched in 2013, it already has 40 million users. Pheed: one of the most downloaded phone apps. You can choose to make your content free or premium. Line: it has more than 300 million users! The strength of this app is its own emojis, more and more teenagers are using them to express their feelings. Snapchat: allows you to send a picture to your contact and define for how long the receiver can view it. And you probably heard about them because they refused a 3 billion dollars offer from Facebook. Originally Posted... _Read more

On it’s way

Don’t worry – I’m just setting up a new website and content structure. Mostly this is because I have more to say than just what get’s put out on my Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Tumblr accounts, and I want a base for my content to sit. This will be it. I’ll make sure this site is accessible and as semantic as possible – do follow my progress and leave comments. Justin _Read more