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Midnight in a Perfect iOS10 World

In Music, Video by Justin

Midnight in a Perfect World from Justin goring on Vimeo. The video features me and my small collection of vinyl, together with some recent shots of London at night, filmed on my iPhone7. The footage was then manipulated within ProCam app before being imported into iMovie to be edited together. ProCam allowed me to create the various effects you see …

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Disrupting Recruitment and the Influencer Marketing solution

In Marketing, Social Business by Justin

The need to recruit, to showcase business proposition, to transparently re-present work life from within a company to prospects, and the need to recruit diverse and digitally-skilled staff are under-currents of the bigger picture recruitment challenges facing most organisations. Turning the challenges into opportunities could be addressed by offering more training, support and soft-managed freedom to existing employees, keen to …

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Supply and Demand

In Reading by Justin

I’d seen Shepard Fairey’s work previously, unconsciously embedded into situational backgrounds and, put forward by other street artists as a source of ‘reason why I do this’. But it wasn’t until I looked a bit more deeply into Fairey’s work online that I could the political and moral codes implicit throughout everything he does. Icons, symbols and indexes of popular …

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Sustainability as Marketing Opportunity

In Marketing by Justin

Just thinking about how a business can better promote their sustainability practice, and at the same time utilise the opportunity to gain further traction in its marketplace. I read a blog post about this subject a few days ago which listed the below [presupposed] market risks of using ’Sustainability’ as a purchase differentiator: Unknown consumer appeal; Lack of understanding from …