Best Practice Facebook Cheat Sheet

In Marketing, Social Business by Justin

Everyone needs a reminder every now and again on the rights and wrongs of preparation and resourcing for Social Media activity. Sometimes it’s an eager, well meaning colleague who wants to do something ‘cool’, other times it’s a CEO who needs to know best practice. This handy graphic is great for pointers and tips for producing best-practice campaigns and engagement …

See Two Before Purchasing One

In Marketing by Justin

When people in an experiment were shown two DVD players, 32% indicated they would buy one of the brands and 34% chose the other. But when the participants were shown a single DVD player, only 9% or 10% (depending on which brand they saw) said they would purchase the product, says Daniel Mochon of Tulane University. Retailers should bear in …

Wave Length

In General News by Justin

A Sacred Artefact: A signed copy of WaveLength Surfing Magazine from my best buddy Greg Martin (The Editor). This was his last edition as Editor. Sad.

Deep Down & On The Rocks

In Music by Justin

Hot, Stormy and deep down low. A ‘pick me up’ late night sugar junk sound of the dark streets, walking alone and need somebody. Filled with pent up explosive stammering hooks and a twist of knife-like gun powder: blow away the dust and shield you from the shade.