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Website specialist

Guaranteed effectiveness

I specialise in creating websites that enable business automation.
By learning how your business works, your goals and aims, I design and build a digital product that requires minimal maintenance at the lowest cost. This helps a small business get on with what they do best.

Design specialist

Guaranteed effectiveness

I have expertise in designing graphics, logo’s and branding for businesses by combining art and design theory with neuromarketing and psychology.
My graphics tell the story of your business and have a positive lasting effect on your customers and their relationship to your brand and products.

Marketing specialist

Guaranteed effectiveness

My professional knowledge of Marketing comes from over 3 years of working in global businesses in sectors such as Publishing, Retail and Construction. All our maketing products and strategies focus on the following areas for your business:

  • Brand awareness

    Whether it’s a business, product(s) or person, associating your brand with the right content will mean more of your target market will see the brand.

  • Lead generation

    Your site can collect more information on potential customers so that you can target your market efficiently.

  • Customer engagement

    Customers interact and find more value in your content, personalising their experience of your brand, and become more likely to want to work with (or purchase from) your business.

  • Selling

    Whether it’s a product service, your digital assets must generate an ROI. I help you sell more product and measure this, to ensure the investment is paying you back.

Working with you

I have 20+ years of strategic digital experience and have delivered successful digital products and campaigns for national and international business. But that doesn’t mean I blind you with science or buzz words. I care to be as clear and straightforward about making your business work by creating amazing value in ideas, strategy, design or websites. I’m always interested in working with any new or existing business to deliver a digital product, service or solution that:

  • Gets me excited

    (Excitement is cool)

  • I believe I can build and develop to a high enough standard

    (Let’s achieve our best as a team)

  • Will make the right people some money

    (Make the world better)

  • Is a good idea

    (Good ideas are key to success)


Past and current clients range from bakers to burlesque clubs; from music industry to publishing companies.

I like helping people realise their ideas by creating a solution that works.

My very busy full time job means I only take on limited additional work and usually I’m booked out 2-3 months in advance.
So if you want some help, please get in touch and let’s grab a coffee, have a call, or meet on Skype.
For now, use the form below to get in touch.

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LightSurgery Digital is a freelance business based in London, United Kingdom.